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Power of the SUN

I know that now I am on the upswing, coming out of the dark and moving to the lighter side. I am not dying, nor was I going to make any choice that would make me unalive myself. Do not misinterpret the meaning. I am simply coming out of the dark, dangerous place I have been. I have felt like I have been over the past several months.

Who would have thought that getting a little sunlight, seeing the beautiful sunrise, or just the world around me in the daylight would make the difference in how I feel. I know I have parts of myself that enjoy the darkness and cold of winter—the peaceful nights and the overcast snow-filled days. The crisp morning air briefly takes your breath away when you first step into the cold air.

Now that we have entered the Spring Equinox of this year, we adjusted our clocks to represent daylight savings. We can enjoy the illusion of longer days and shorter nights.

Now that I realize the light makes me feel much better, what am I looking to find? I am unsure, and I feel a dark vs. light conflict affects my mood. Some will say that I am overwhelmed by taking on too many things at one time. Some believe that by limiting my burden, I will manage easier. I have worked with much more on my shoulders than what I am currently carrying. I know my limitations, knowing the maximum weight that my shoulders can bear. I have realized that during the winter months, when the darkness overtakes my world, and during the spring, the light brings me back to life. I also realize that I have also to repair the damage from the long dark winter.

The Mental Health Benefits of Sunlight

By Sarah Vanbuskirk

Sarah Vanbuskirk

Updated on December 10, 2020 Medically reviewed by Daniel B. Block, MD

I found an interesting and very informative webpage:

The benefits of sunlight

Go check out this article, it is filled with lot more information and some easy to understand medical explanation of why sunlight is so important to our mental health.


This site has a lot of information on different Mental Health disorders. The writers, review board, and contributors to this site give information that is easy to understand and informative. Take some time to check it out. I have become a regular visitor to the site.

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