Team Cheryle


Month: March 2022

Many faces of Mental Health

M.D.D. Major Depressive Disorder One of my outlets has become writing this blog. I have to thank my brother, who got me started with it and told me to tell my story. Today is not about me. Cheryle Holmes I find this webpage, is such a great resource. I will put the link right […]

Power of the SUN

I know that now I am on the upswing, coming out of the dark and moving to the lighter side. I am not dying, nor was I going to make any choice that would make me unalive myself. Do not misinterpret the meaning. I am simply coming out of the dark, dangerous place I have […]

SAD and Sunshine

I knew that today was going to be a warm 70 degrees. After a few things this morning, I decided to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. I woke up in long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. I decided to put on my shorts and a tee-shirt to enjoy the sun. It was too […]

SAD and Daylight Savings

I love the fall and winter months for the cooler weather. Jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts if you know me, you know that I love a good hoodie. The end of October brings Halloween, more importantly, Samhain. If you are unsure, Samhain is the end of summer. For the Celtics, it marks the beginning of […]

Yarn Ball

Sometimes I feel like life is nothing but a neatly rolled ball of yarn. Some people can keep their ball wound neat and tight. Others, yarn balls, can be unwound filled with knots, loops, and bits of lint. While others who find their yarn ball unwound and all over can rewind it up into a […]

Peter Pan

Second star to the right and straight on to morning I met Peter Pan when I was in middle school. I never thought a friendship would become more than a shared lunch table. I never imagined that our friendship would grow into something I would cherish forever. We would spend hours on the phone at […]

Monsters and Fear

As children, we had monsters that lived under the bed—crying to our parents to spray monster spray and checking closets before going to bed—even going as far as sleeping with nightlights or flashlights. As children grow into adults, we learn that monsters are not real. The monsters change from being an imaginary fear to something […]

Midnight Coffee and Cake

Often I find myself sleeping during the early hours of the evening, then I am up in the middle of the night. The average person would find this odd, not me. I have always been more nocturnal than the average person. I would generally blame this on working nightshift; I believe it is just my […]