Surgery day

Hi team! 

I got the call with my surgery time. It’s 3:45 pm EST on April 6, 2016. 

“Things will work out”

To say that I am nervous, is an understatement. In the past for all but one other surgery that I have had the decision was my choice. I have been able to say “this needs to happen” or “my health depends on me doing this”.

I have said over and over that this was not my choice. I did not choose to have this happen to me. 

I am sick of watching life pass me over. I am sick of watching others dreams come true, while mine are delayed. 

Why is it that I have to be the “strong” one? When do I get my turn? 

I am digging deep today within myself to find the strength that I know I have. 

2 thoughts on “Surgery day

  1. You are one of the strongest people I know. You are going to conquer this and come out the other side even stronger. You, God and your family are unbreakable.

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