The words I did not want to hear…

Hello, Team… I have an update to share with you.

First, I want to thank the Spicer family (Patti, John, and Carrie) for my
BEAUTIFUL flowers that were delivered today.
It was just what I needed to brighten my day.

(I will be adding pictures in a bit..)


Now, I can share my news.

I had my follow up with my orthopedic surgeon today. It has been 8 weeks and two days since my accident. I have been working very hard in physical therapy to get my knee and ankle healed. 
Today, it was decided that we need to do Orthoscopic surgery on my knee to repair my meniscus. It’s an “In-and-Out” same day procedure. 
What does this mean?
  • Healing time will be extended by  4-6 weeks after surgery
  • Surgery is : April 6, 2016
Why is this being decided on 8 weeks after the initial injury?
  • Due to the amount of swelling, in my knee and ankle. A surgical decision could not be made before now. 
  • We did everything that we could to avoid surgery.
How do I feel about this?
  • I am still processing all of this. 
  • This is not what I wanted
  • I do not have many words tonight
What about my ankle?
  • We are proceeding with the plan  as of now.
  • I do not have many more answers
What does this mean for work?
  • I have been in contact with my employer. 
  • I will not be able to return until I get cleared by the surgeon.


Thank you again, for all of your support and love during this rough time for me.  I also, can’t say THANK YOU enough for all of the gofundme donations. Right now, I am not receiving any type of income. Your generous donations are helping keep my home. I don’t know what I would do without people like you… 
until tomorrow… 

Nursing class of 2016


For my card and gift cards, Nursing Class Spring 2016.

The following message is for you… 

RN banner

In 62 days the Spring Nursing Class of 2016 from AACC will be anxiously waiting to have each of their names called. They will rise from each seat and walk to the stage, with big smiles on each face, and joy in each beating heart. They will walk across the stage, and receive their Nursing Pin. The family and friends in the audience will cheer, whoop and clap, some may even jump up and down. The end of a journey, that required blood, sweat, and tears. Hours of reading, note cards that would stack 2 ft tall, poster boards, med cards and NCLEX books. Each of the students who worked so hard to achieve this goal. Some had to overcome many obstacles just get in the door. Some had to work full time, take care of the family or a loved one all while working long hours on care plans, sleepless night studying slides, and answering hundreds, yet thousands of NCLEX questions. 


They have earned the right, to enjoy every second of this moment. Each one of them has done an incredible thing. You see Nursing School is one of the hardest challenges you could ever take on. To earn the title of registered nurse, you have to have dedication, determination and work hard. All of the students from this class fit this description. 


I’m cheering you on!