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Today is about me…

Hi, Team!

Yesterday, I spend the day seeing a thoracic surgeon, getting another MRI, having blood work done. Today I am exhausted.  

Each day I get a little stronger, each day, I see progress. Each day, I see that even though my recovery is slower than what I want, it is still moving in the right direction. Within the next week or two I will have surgical answers on my knee and ankle, and what the rest of my recovery will look like.


I can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough, for all the cards, well wishes and messages that I have received. I have seen a few people the two days that I have been to Annapolis for my doctors’ appointments. The kind words, hugs, and friendly faces meant the world to me. You have seen the public face, the mask that I put up to the world.  I will not show you the hurt, pain, and private suffering that I go through while I am at home.  


I am working hard to keep ‘hate’ out of my heart. I am trying hard to remember the pain, suffering, worry and hurt that the mother and friends of the other car is going through at this time. I have been told to put my faith in God. I have been told that things happen for a reason. I have been told that this will all work out in the end, and be patient and let my body heal.  


I don’t even know how to put into words, the way I feel. I keep tying to be positive…Life is hard enough for Steve and I. All I can do is keep doing the right thing. That really is all I will say today on this matter.


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  1. This is all you need to say or do! Your attitude makes this much better and I know that you know that, but you have justification to be angry and hurt to your core. I do believe that you will recover and I pray that it will happen sooner rather than later. Know that I am here for you whenever you need help. Hugs and best thoughts always.

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