Team Cheryle


Month: November 2016

The hard truth…

Hello  Team, On this early morning, I find myself looking into the hourglass of time.  Old age is what it is that I speak. If you are lucky enough to live into your 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s you should count yourself lucky right? We move through life with an expiration date that is on […]

New beginings

Sometimes in life you need to figure out how to begin again. As a child you wish nothing more than to grow up as fast as you can. As a teenager you wish nothing more than to want to be an adult. When you are an adult you wish nothing more than to want to […]

Why did you go?

Why did you leave us? Why did you go? It’s been too many years since you decided without anyone’s permission to leave. That was the way you lived life, so I can see it. You lived life on your terms, so when it was time for you to go, you left on your terms. Life […]

What you really learn in Nursing School

  I am not done fighting. I until the last points are handed out… My journey has been filled with delays, roadblocks, success and tears. I have wanted to give up so many times. It was the love, support and encouragement from all of you who are on my team that has kept me going… […]

Being happy is a good thing…. :)

Hello Team!!!   Thank You Veterans!!! Your service means a lot to me!! I appreciate the sacrifice you and your family made to help keep our country a little safer!! To those who have served and to those who choose to serve in the future.     Thank you! I believe that serving your country […]