Team Cheryle


One final curtain call

Looking at a portion of my past that brought me so much joy.

During the weekends from the end of August to the middle of October, you can find me at the Maryland Renaissance Festival most of the time. Dressed in my garb, walking grounds, with a mug of drink in my hand, a smile on my face, and pure joy radiating through my blood. You either love it or leave it. Only a few friends enjoy it as much as I do. I am ok with that. I have made lifelong friends and family over the past 25 years going. I even worked there for five seasons. It was one of my favorite jobs; I sold Chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick but loved every second of it. It was not about the money; I think I spend more on garb than I made all season.

One of the leading performers that I listened to each weekend was Johnny Fox, the sword swallower. The cart that I worked at was right at his stage. I could hear his show, I started to know each line from Johnny Fox to Puke n Snot, Hilby, London Broil. Johnny Fox was the staple performing his stage. Everyone came to see Johnny.
I made friends from all over the country and the world. I would see the same families year after year.

On December 17, 2017, the world lost a true entertainer.

In Memoriam: Johnny Fox

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