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Crossing fingers….

Today is a day that needs some fairy dust. I am going to see my doctor for a full evaluation, to get a better understanding of my injuries. I also will be trying to see a orthopedic surgeon about my knee and ankle. I am saddened that the orthopedic that I have seen since I was in 4th grade no longer see’s trauma patients. I was referred to two other orthopedic surgeons on his office. I have done some research on them, crossing my fingers I pick the best one.

Today, I should be sitting for my first exam. I should be checking this box off, I should be getting ready for my second exam. I should be excited to be one step closer to being done….

I cannot change the path I’m on at this moment, I have to ride this to the end. I will stay positive, I will keep going, I will because I have too.

2 thoughts on “Crossing fingers….

  1. I am praying that this day goes well and at least some of your pain gets alleviated. You know where I am and I will help with anything I can. Much much fairy dust!!

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