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Monday Morning Quarterback….

It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback when you were not the one in the game, making the play with 15 seconds left on the clock. Pass, throw, Hail Mary or take a knee? No matter what you choose someone is going to be mad, upset, hurt, or happy. 
Think about that before you judge someone else’s decision. We all have to go through life making choices. Right, wrong or indifferent to how you feel. The person who is making the choice is the only one who really knows why they chose that at that time. The choice may have cost someone their life. The choice may have cost more than you could ever know. 
We live in a society of “quick to judge”, “fast to make a decision, because we think it’s what’s best…”. How about we become a society like we pretend to teach our children. 

“Don’t judge someone you don’t know”, “be kind to each other”, “beauty is skin deep”, “size does not matter”, “your free to love who you want..”…
You get my point. Let’s be a society who care and support each other’s decisions even if they don’t “line up” with what we necessarily believe…you just might surprise yourself… Love each other, be kind, and make someone else’s day today. 

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