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SAD and Sunshine

I knew that today was going to be a warm 70 degrees. After a few things this morning, I decided to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. I woke up in long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. I decided to put on my shorts and a tee-shirt to enjoy the sun. It was too […]

SAD and Daylight Savings

I love the fall and winter months for the cooler weather. Jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts if you know me, you know that I love a good hoodie. The end of October brings Halloween, more importantly, Samhain. If you are unsure, Samhain is the end of summer. For the Celtics, it marks the beginning of […]

Yarn Ball

Sometimes I feel like life is nothing but a neatly rolled ball of yarn. Some people can keep their ball wound neat and tight. Others, yarn balls, can be unwound filled with knots, loops, and bits of lint. While others who find their yarn ball unwound and all over can rewind it up into a […]

Adventures in Pickling

Good Morning Team! Adventures in Pickling Pickled Onions After having picked onions for the first time, and lets be honest I fell in love with them. I decided I was going to try and make them. After a quick internet search for “how to make pickled onions”. I found a few simple recipes and picked one. […]

One day at a time…

TeamCheryle is getting a facelift! The look will be a little different but it will still have everything you love reading about, me and my life. Please let me know what you think about the new look. School is going great, I am loving my new classes that I am currently taking. After so many […]

New perspective…

I have been working on updating my page, and I realized when I looked under About me… I had some changes to make. At the time I was merely introducing myself and letting my readers learn a bit about me. That is when I realized one significant difference I needed to make. I have removed […]

The Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement

Hello Team… Final grades posted: B+ and A! Woot woot.   For my high GPA and academic achievement, I have been invited to join: The Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement. It is a multidisciplinary Honor society. I accepted!   When the path we are on is blocked off, a new route must be taken. […]

Rebuilding my life one section at a time

 Education:      As you know, I am a full-time student at American Public University. I am in the BS Public Health program. I am taking two classes every eight weeks. That translates into working 35-50 hours per week on my studies. I have completed four courses, and my current GPA is 3.9. One of […]

Hard days do not always make you stronger

I wonder if I keep saying it, one day it will come true…   “It will be worth it one day”  

Depression how deep did it go…

Over the last few days, I have been Looking over my “on this day…” on my Facebook feed. I am reminded of this time last year when I was at the start of my deep depression. I held the smiling mask for months over my tear streaked face, so the world world did not see. […]

Im not a nursing student for the first time…

For the first time since I decided to go back to school in 2010, I am not a nursing student. I am a full-time college student, I am not a nursing student. I am looking at the world from a new window, I am not a nursing student. I don’t really know how to react […]

Look who’s 40

The other side of the hill, is not that bad of a place to be. On June 24th I turned 40. In the short time that I have been 40, I have learned a few things. 1. I am sick to death of pleasing other people. I have spend my whole life being a people […]

April has been full of great happenings…

Hello TEAM!!! Happy April to you all… So far the month has been filled with great and exciting things happing for the Holmes family… Steve turned 40 on the 21st! We had a wonderful celebration over the weekend. We got 1/2 bushel of beautiful blue swimmers, that were steamed to a beautiful red color then […]


Hello! It’s a fantastic Wednesday! The sun is shining, the air is warm. I am able to spend some time with steve before my crazy work week starts. My positive thought for today: “keep swimming, no matter how rough the water is…you will make it to land” What is your positive thought of the day?

Helping to make an ever-after..

I have been holding on to an announcement for a while, but I am officially announcing:  I am available to help you and your special person start your life together. 

fight another day…

I have often said “the one thing that I want people to say about me, is ‘because of her, I did not give up’” The past few months I have wanted to give up each step of the way. I have spent hours, thinking about what I am going to do with my future. I have […]

3 days…

When the world feels upside down, you can only hope that it is temporary. My world has been upside down for the past 8 weeks, but that is not really true. That is a lie. My world has been upside down for the past several years. I have been waiting for the glasses to be […]

In the days, weeks, and months ahead.

  Often I think about how funny life is. I reflect on the choices I have made in the past. I think about the people who have come and gone from my life. I think about the people who have come and gone from my heart. I think back to the days when life was […]

2017 A chance to start over…

Hello, Team… Good Bye 2016!! Well, I am not sure what I even have to say about 2016 other than, Good Bye! I sit here and think about one year ago and the dreams and goals I had set for myself.  I think about how hard I worked to accomplish my goals I had set […]