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It is the middle of the night for me. I have woken, not in my bed. I am not where I belong. I have woken on the couch. I must have finally fallen asleep sometime very early this morning, for some this is not a big deal. I view this as a big deal, I was too scared to even go into my room last night. Steve braved the night and set traps for our unwanted guest. He must have come into check on me, cover me, and turn the tv off at some point. He always does when I fall asleep out here.

I woke to see the unorganized chaos. I woke to see the clutter from the week that needs to be put in its proper place. I think, Oh let me get my day started…then I remember its the start of my work week. for the next three days, I will be gone more than I am home. I will do it with a smile on my face. I will do it with appreciation in my heart. I will do it with the burn of need and dedication within my soul.

I have come to realize and accept that my life is a constant struggle. I am not the person that things just come super easy. I am not the person that has life fall into place. I am the person that some days I feel that the harder I try, the more struggle I endure.

I have also come to realize that the more struggle that I endure, the harder things are, the more that I push myself. I counter balance with the positive of a situation.

The struggle is real, but so am I.

Have the kind of day that makes your struggle worth the fight.

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