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Welcome to my world

Hello, and Welcome to my World!

This is a new adventure for me, and you are one of the first who has been invited to join my world. I have decided to start a blog of my life’s journey.  This way you can keep up with me, see the latest updates on my accident, see the latest updates on school, work, and life in general. You can also see what is happening with my little family.

When I was just a young little girl, one of my favorite Aunts used to call me Busy. She would say “that is the busiest child I have ever met” and so the name stuck. This stands true to this day, I am always busy, always have things to do, people to see, something to do, or someone who needs help.

I am the person, who even if I have only $1.00 to my name and you need money I will give you $0.50 if that would help you. I am the shoulder that people lean on, the ear that needs to listen, the one who will cry with you, and the one who will find a solution to whatever problem you have. I am the one who can keep the secret. I am often called in to fix phone problems, computer issues and pretty much anything in between. I am so many to so many people.

I always have something going on in my life. I have a wide network of people from all over the world that I have met along the way in my 38 years. It’s hard to keep up with everyone, so this is a start.

I have big ideas and plans for the future of this web page, but one thing at a time.

You may leave comments, questions, or updates of your own…

I hope you enjoy your visit!




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