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Did I see you today?

To my friend, I came across this writing that I did not long after you left us. So many years have passed since I wrote the words. Your children were so young and have grown into adults who have families of their own. Just like a ticking clock, time continues to move forward. As time […]

One final curtain call

Looking at a portion of my past that brought me so much joy. During the weekends from the end of August to the middle of October, you can find me at the Maryland Renaissance Festival most of the time. Dressed in my garb, walking grounds, with a mug of drink in my hand, a smile […]

In memory of our friend….

Hank Hebb You could say that the love that Steve and I share is a fairy tale. When I met steve and was introduced to his family and friends I was apart of the family. I can say that along the way a few of those people became very special to me. We have shared many […]