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How are really feel about it

Life is a competition, yet I am not interested in Competing with anyone.

I am running my own marathon. I am not running against anyone but time. I am not interested in being better than anyone else. I am honest, strait forward, and put others before myself. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I am loyal to a fault. I am sensitive to others feelings, over my own. I think before I speak, and know how to swallow my pride for the sake and feelings of others. This does not make me a “door mat” to be walked on and taken advantage of. This does not make me weak.

I have faced death. I know the feeling of being within inches of loosing my husband. I have felt the feeling that I was going to die. I value my friendships, because I know in a moments notice life can change and you can die.

I did not and do not compete in school with classmates.
I do not compete at work with anyone.
I do not compete with my family.
I do not compete with my friends.
I am not interested…I have enough of my own struggles to worry about beating others at the game of life.

I believe in forgive and forget, counting on each other for support. Over the years, I have lost family and friends for silly reasons, miscommunication, and simple pride.

Simply my thoughts for the day.


Cheers Cheryle

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