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Thank you!

UPDATE: 5/19/2016

I could not say it enough, Thank you! To the countless people who have been helping me to back and forth over the past few weeks. Those who have offered ride ahare, and just a lift on your way to dinner.

The countless hours that my parents have spent driving me to and from work everyday. I would not have survived with out them!!


If I have forgotten anyone on the list, please be patient. Please also know that it is not intentional. I have some names still yet to be added to my thank you list..

I also want to thank the countless “Anonymous” donors. I may not know your name but to me your “superheroes” 

__________Thank You__________

I would like to thank each of you personally. I would like to name each of you, in BIG BOLD writings across the sky. I want to hug each of you, who have given your money to me to help me, who have sent words of encouragement, added me to prayer lists and prayer chains. The cards of “well wishes”, the offers of help are so greatly appreciated.

I want to say, THANK YOU in as many languages that are spoken and written. All of the incredible love and support that has been shown to my family and I during this time means worlds to us. I have an incredibly long way to go, but I know that if it was not for the messages, emails, phone calls checking on us we would have far more dark days than bright ones.

If I have not gotten back to you, please know that I am trying each day to respond to any and all messages.

I had several major worries during this experience, losing my home and everything that I have worked so hard for over the past several years to keep. How will I pay for the all the medical bills that are building up? I have been afraid losing out on the education that has cost me so many hours of sleep, lost times with family and friends.

All of the help that has been sent to me has taken some of the worries off of my shoulders. I can’t say thank you enough for everything.

Here is the link for the  gofundme  or if you would like an address for something to be sent directly to me, I more than happy to give it to you. I am keeping records of all cards, donations “well wishes”. I am also keeping records of all money that are spent on my recovery if anyone was to ask.

The long journey that I have to travel, the tunnel that I must go through to reach the other end, is dark and scary. Knowing that I have people in my life who are willing to go through that tunnel with me and hold lights along the way, makes the journey not so scary.

2016 February 14

I am out of leave at work, I am out of time. I can only count the days till my short term disability kicks in, I can only count down the time until I am cleared to return to work. 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks who knows what it will be. What will I do? I can only stay strong. I can only pray the donations will last, the money that has been given from the kindness of the hearts of friends, family and strangers, I can’t say thank you enough… The countless  Anonymous donations and the long and ever growing list of benefactors.

The person’s that started my go fund me page, Pat and Dave. Pat is not only a mentor, a friend, but she is one of the reasons that I keep pushing myself through school. Her inspiration, teaching, and love for the profession of nursing have inspired me to keep going and not ever give up… For that, I cant say thank you enough.

The list of names below is more than people who had donated to me, this list is of those who have sent me cards of well wishes, notes of inspiration, or e-messages of love. I want to also thank those people as well.  When I have a hard day, I look through my cards, and re-read messages, they give me strength, hope and help to get me through my bad days. 

Thank you….

  • Ann Marie Disque 
  • My Co-Workers on the Mother Baby Unit
  • Elyse Johnson
  • Trish StLedger

  • Karen Paster

  • Barbara Foley and Richard Keith

  • David Ott –


  • Jenny Batchison

  • Jackie Bowman

  • Mel Eckman

  • Jacqueline Phillips

  • Joy Malloy

  • Micheal Hughes

  • Donna Rigby

  • Tommy and Stacy Terry (and the girls of course…. )

  • Oliver and Mary Holmes

  • Jimmy and Nancy Wade

  • Gayraud Townsend

  • Norma Hoff-Burke

  • Linda and John Dennison

  • Karen & Rich Horgan

  • Ismet Zainal

  • Steven Hansman

  • Jeanie Thompson

  • Jen Spencer

  • Janet Evens

  • Cinda & Paul Gildenhorn

  • Patricia Blevins

  • Rhonda Scholl

  • Pam Walko

  • Michelle Malloy

  • Sarah S

  • Shaina Rober

  • Mark Lemley

  • Sharon Walton

  • M Potts

  • Vicky Olsen

  • Wayne and Kimberly Eppard

  • Rolin Moe

  • Elaine Gairy Ferguson

  • Wayne & Marjorie Springer

  • Shelley Hartford

  • David Apple

  • Mandy Miller

  • D Holland

  • Ron Ireland

  • Jay Field

  • Linda Selander

  • Ken Warren

  • Jessica Conner

  • Bobbie and Jim Fox

  • Mj Hughes

  • Kelly Kendall

  • Michele Rose

  • Diane Tayman

  • Carl Jorgensen

  • Linda Schryer

  • Christie Pirrung

  • Glenne Ralls

  • Vicki Norton

  • Jim Katilaus

  • Lauren Gross

  • PL Bryant


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