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Snow…Snow and more snow

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Hello Team,

Checking in with everyone since the deep freeze hit the east coast hard! Snow, freezing rain, freezing fog and flooding…when does spring start? Normally I am a fall /winter girl, but this has been crazy cold.

I am about 9 weeks postoperative from my ankle. My recovery has been slow but good.  I am able to do some PT at home, while I wait to see the therapist in the office. Holidays and weather have caused a scheduling issue.  No matter I will be just fine. I go back to work in a few weeks. The first 8 weeks went so slow, and now I feel like time is on fast forward. I still can’t drive so that is frustrating, but another few weeks.

Star Wars? What did you think? No spoiler here, I have not seen it yet. I am hoping to see it soon. If not It will be released soon so I’ll be able to see it then.

My Christmas present from Steve came today! To be fair, I got it on Christmas, but we decided to exchange it for the wireless version. A pair of beats studio 2 headphones. I have my studio ones Chris gave me last year, I love them, but I am happy that I am able to be wireless when I am feeling overwhelmed by cords. They are Blue and beautiful! I love them so much. With the snow, the shipping was delayed, but they arrived today. Amazing. I can now jam to my NKOTB while sitting in bed, working on

I have set a goal for myself to post no less than 2-3 times per week. Even if its a check-in. Last year, I was given some audio equipment, I have tinkered with and I want to expand on it. I want to do some voice work, but it will take training and time. Since I can afford training and I am short on time. This means, my team (you) will be the test subjects, I apologize in advance. As I post things I am going to ask for your feedback.

I need to nap, have lots to do this week,

Cheers Cheryle


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