Team Cheryle


Life on the Island..

I have been living on an Island for the past 2 weeks. Everything that I possibly could need is within arms reach of my Island. Computers, to notebooks, pens, and textbooks all within arms reach of my Island. The times that I travel from my Island I am never alone. I get an escort to the bathroom, and to my second smaller Island in the other room. My Island has become my office where I have to spent countless hours reading and calculating chemical equations. My Island is where I sleep, day or night depending on how many hours I spent working on the previous list of complex calculations. My Island is Physical therapy. From laying with my leg on foam inclines to raise my ankle to help decrease the swelling. My Island is my cold therapy oasis when the ice packs are wrapped under and around my ankle and knee to decrease the inflammation and ease my swollen joints. My Island is where just yesterday that I was able to make my very first 1/4 circle with my newly tightened ankle.  Notice I said, 1/4 turn. I am working on a full rotation. My Island is where I greet my visitors. My friends who have been with me every day either virtually or physically. From facetime, text message, phone calls to snap chat I can say that I have not been alone. My Island is also my prison. With just the view through the front windows, where I can see but not touch. My Island is solitary confinement when the house is sleeping and I am awake sitting on my Island.

My Island…I am thankful for my healing Island


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