Team Cheryle


Monsters and Fear

As children, we had monsters that lived under the bed—crying to our parents to spray monster spray and checking closets before going to bed—even going as far as sleeping with nightlights or flashlights. As children grow into adults, we learn that monsters are not real. The monsters change from being an imaginary fear to something more tangible. Abuse in all forms, abandonment, witnessing horrors so terrible the mind locks them away.

How we deal with those feelings and emotions will shape a person’s future self. Some turn to therapy, some turn to drugs, alcholol, sex, food, or even other risky behavior. Some people develop altered personalities who serve as protectors of such secrets.

The unique ways we identify trauma and horrors from our past shape our personalities as adults. People do not have to relive the trauma and horrors that plagued us as children.


Fear is a genuine emotion that takes the form of many things. Fear is the biggest bully you will ever face. It is controlling, manipulating, and can take over your life if you let it.

When humans get scared, the flight or fight phenomenon takes hold. We instinctively either stand and fight, or we run away. One must face fear to grow. What are your fears?

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