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Shining Star

I could not be prouder of the Spring 2016 Nursing Class of AACC!!
Some of the graduates from this term started nursing school with me. They have over come trials and tribulations and never gave up!!

There is one special person that started the journey with me. We have stood at each other’s side each with one goal in mind. From prerequisites, to nursing school application. We have been through a lot together. We have suffered loss, accidents, laughs, adventure, and everything in between.

The day we received “THE EMAIL” (the one all nursing students wait for….) It welcomed us to the nursing program. Feels like only  yesterday. I remember getting the call “I Made it” the words of my best friend. The very next day, I called her with the same message!!

We moved through the program together. Each hitting our own speed bumps along the way. Always encouraging, cheering, and pushing each other to the next challenge. We celebrated our triumphs together and cried tears of saddness for each other. “We can do it!” “We will do this together” was our motto to each other.

My journey hit a roadblock this term. I spend my semester learning how to walk again. How to live within the limitations of new self.  Most importantly I spend the term dealing with my own feelings on not being able to finish this term. Each day, I told myself it was ok. Each day I told myself I will have my time.

Her journey continued on through the term.  She spent her semester studying with a new partner, writing careplans, prepping for projects, and passing exams.
We talked almost everyday. She included me in her days at school what was happening. I cheered her every step of the way. Giving her encouragement and support. She listened to me ramble on about PT and what doctor said what. What new “tricks” I could do. We always made sure each other was doing what we were suppose too do.

The day came that a text popped up on my phone, it simply was a “number”. I knew what it meant. How many times had we sat and added her points for the term. We both knew exactly what was needed. She did it!! Her final exams are done. She is now officially done with nursing school.

It was just about a week later. I got a call from her hearing the excitement in her voice on the phone “is this real?” tears of pure joy rolled down my cheeks. I wanted to scream, yell “Woot woot” from the top of my voice. I wanted to make an announcement for the world to hear. I could not be more proud and happy!!  It was yet another accomplishment. She had checked yet another box off on her journey.  She has over come obstacles, her own personal struggles and truly deserves this time to shine! I am happy to stand at her side, just one step behind while she stands in the spot light.

I know that my day will come. I know that I will accomplish the goals that I have set my mind and heart too. I know that when my turn comes I will look to my side and see her standing, at my side while I stand in the spotlight.

On the 26th of this month, my whole day will be spent holding back my own feeling. They will be put into a box, not to be shown. You see it’s “Pinnjng day” this day belongs to her, and my friends. I will be watching from the front row as she walks across the stage to receive her nursing pin.  I will be sitting in the audience that same night that she walks across the stage in her cap and gown. I will be cheering louder than anyone else. I know the hard work, dedication, sacrifice she has put into her journey…this is her time to shine as bright as she can!!

I feel that this is part of my journey, something that needs to happen. If more people in life could be happy for others, show support in times of great need and in times of pure joy our world would be much brighter.

I feel that in our own way we are all shining stars. if each star was to shine super bright at the same time we would all be blind from the light. So every now and again, we need to let individual stars shine  as bright as possible, while the other stars support, cheer, and love that one shining star.

The nursing community is lucky to be welcoming this shining star into their ranks!!

I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. -Florence Nightingale

My message to her:

You did it!! Congratulations! ???Shine bright!!

❤️Shirly Heardford Doe!

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