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I have some good news to share…

Time for an Update:

Hi team:

I have been working hard with over the past few weeks. I am on a deadline to return to work. When I told my medical team that I had 12 weeks of FMLA, that I need to be able to return to work and  at the time we were already 2 weeks in.  I was putting my team of doctors and my body on a deadline. I was unsure if that was a realistic goal or not. At the time, they were still unsure of surgical plans, or long term effects my injuries would cause. The doctors look at me and said, “You were severely  injured  in a very bad  accident, it will take your body  months to fully recover.” In true Cheryle style, I looked them in the eyes and said  “I have 12 weeks of leave time from work, that holds my position. I did not ask for this to happen to me. I have been through HELL, I was broken, bruised, and suffer from nightmares.  I was forced to give up my last semester and graduation from nursing school. I will do what it takes to get my life back. I have 10 weeks left, to get my life back… I am willing to work hard and do what it takes for that to happen.” 

  • Two days a week we go to Annapolis to  work with my physical therapist Ashish and his team.
  • I do all the exercises he gives me:
    • Learning to walk
    • Muscle control / balance
    • Learning to walk up and down steps
  • Four days of the week, I work with my “Home Team”
  • My Home Team: Susan and Steve who push me and help me. 
    • floor work -Leg lifts, stretching
    • circles, Tic-Toc (moving left and right with my foot)
    • walking
    • back and forth
    • point and pull
    • leg lifts
    • I have been “icing and elevating” around the clock.
    • Trips to the boardwalk; walks in the neighborhood.

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Drum roll, please……

A special video to share with all of you. All of the love, support and words of encouragement you give to me, helps to push me through the pain, swelling and tears. 


Q:”What does it take to be a nurse?”

A:”Hard work, dedication, never giving up…”


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  1. WOW Cheryle you are amazing….Keep up the hard work. You can do it and you will do it. YOU WILL be that Nurse that you want to be. Give it time and dont give up.

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