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Small WIN!!

I am so very excited!!! The entire time that I have been off work I have received no income. I was told that due to a state of Maryland clause, I was not eligible to receive short term disability payments. We have been living off of the generous donations from others. 

I found out that I could appeal the descion. After a few weeks of pleading my case, and showing various documents… I won!! The benefit is very reduced, but it’s still something. This money will help me pay for my insurance portion I owe at work, and pay my bills for the month of May. I feel so blessed. 

I have been living the past 3 months with pain, fear, anxiety and a whole host of other emotions. Each week that goes by, I count the pennies we have left, and the number of days. Most days they don’t match up. I cannot, take a breath, and focus on June. 

The ironic thing about it…my short term benefits end on April 28th. In 7 days. I am ok with that. Something is better than nothing!! 

I’ll take it as a win, even if it’s a small win. 

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