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TeamCheryle is getting a facelift!

The look will be a little different but it will still have everything you love reading about, me and my life.

Please let me know what you think about the new look.

School is going great, I am loving my new classes that I am currently taking. After so many years of taking pre-requisite classes to be eligible for nursing school, when I started the program that I am currently in I was afraid that it would work the same way. Boy, was I wrong! I was very lucky that most of my credits were accepted. I only needed a few classes that were not considered core classes. I only need to take core and major required classes to graduate.

When I was preparing for nursing school, I started taking classes that would be accepted and required for a Bachelors Science in Nursing, because I knew that that was going to be my next step. Five-points and undiagnosed depression took that dream from me. So the bachelor’s degree I am currently working on does not require some of the classes that I took, I know that one day I will be able to use that education, but not now.

I am proud of the progress that I am making in my classes and the grades that I am earning. The classes that I am taking are not easy but the experience has been great. I have to say that If I had never gone to nursing school I would have never have spoken with the representatives from American Public University.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new look.

Cheers Cheryle


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