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Injury update…

I have been asked most recently about updates on my injuries… So I figured I would do a quick injury update post. I still do not have many answers, and we still have more questions….

Lower Extremities:

My right knee has a torn meniscus, with ACL involvement. I have an avulsion fracture of my right leg and foot. My right ankle has a severe sprain. I will be having MRI of my left knee and right ankle this coming week to assess further damage.

Upper Extremities:

I have some bruise still on my torso. Some purple and black have faded to light browns, greys; but I still have large areas of purple and black spots on my sides. I have large hard, tubular lumps along my abdomen and chest. I am not sure they will ever really go away. My right shoulder still does not work 100% properly, my hand injuries; cause me to loose full strength in my hands. I have a “burning” sensation every morning when I wake from my right shoulder and chest injury. When I move my neck it cracks and creeks. My muscles are still so tense.  I have all over aches and pains. Sleeping is still so very hard, each time I close my eyes I still see, hear, smell all the things from that day…The only way I can sleep is if I literally make myself so exhausted that I can’t keep my eyes open.

I am working each day, on getting movement back in my arms, strength back in my hands, movement back in my knee.

Next Step:

When I see my orthopedic surgeon again, we will review the MRI, see how much movement I have in my knee, and how much of the swelling has gone down. It will be at that point that a decision will be made about the next step.  If I can avoid surgery I hope too, my biggest fear is that my ankle injury is worse than we think and that will require surgical repair. The surgeon has already told me that we can hopefully hold off on surgery of my knee. That is to be determined once the swelling and pain settle down.

The sooner that I can return to work the better I will be. I have run out of leave time at work and do not know how much longer I can be off with no pay. I have to pay my portion of insurance back to the company; it could be thousands of dollars.

This is all of the updates that I have for now…I will update more after my doctors appointment this week.

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