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I will because I know I have too…I’m just scared.


Simple Definition of fear

: to be afraid of (something or someone)

: to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)

: to be afraid and worried

Fear is a funny emotion. It can make your heart race. It can make your palms sweat. . Fear can paralyze you. Fear really is an irrational emotion. Just thinking about an act can change your whole perception.

I have been driving for 23 years. I have logged thousands and thousands of hours. I have driven in sun, rain, snow, wind. I have been in several accidents, but one that truly changed my entire perception.

Even with sweating palms, and my heart about to jump from my chest… I am going to take it one step at a time…

I don’t know how long it will take, but I am determined to over come. 


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