Team Cheryle


The Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement

Hello Team…
Final grades posted: B+ and A! Woot woot.
For my high GPA and academic achievement, I have been invited to join: The Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement. It is a multidisciplinary Honor society. I accepted!
When the path we are on is blocked off, a new route must be taken. It’s along that new route that we often find our success and appreciation. I was told “maybe Nursing is not for you…” and “do you really want to be a nurse?” The answer is yes. I will walk this new path, and see where it takes me. My dream is to be an educator in healthcare. I want to teach and be involved in the continuing education of healthcare providers. Becoming an RN was the first logical step in that journey. Now I realize I was simply to start on a different path.
For all those who have doubted me, discouraged me and flat out told me “I don’t think Nursing is for you….” just wait and see what I will do.

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