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People in life

In life people come and and go from your life.  Sometimes you question why. Sometimes you don’t. I have had people walk out of my life never to return and others who have come back.

I have people who will always hold a special spot in my heart, a drawer if you will that once held a special spot in my life that will always be with me even if the draws remains locked never to be reopened.

I have people who have come and gone but no matter the amount of time seems to stand still when we are apart and when we are together no time has passed.

I have had some people who were very important to me, slip away. Over the years I have helplessly watched them slowly slip through my fingers like sand until they are gone.

I have people in my life that I did not expect to be so important to me and I can’t imagine going one day without them.

I have people who call me names, “hero” “inspirational” “fighter”.

I am sure I have other names that I am called too, but I won’t go there…:)

I have had to say final goodbyes to to people who still make my heart ache when I think of them today.

I have people in my life that have used me. I have had people in my life that have hurt me and left scars that will never heal.  I have had people in my life that have just left without a word.

I have people in my life that I look up to. I have people in my life that I call “hero” “inspriration” “role model” “mentor”.   It’s the people I give these names to who make me want to be an even better version of myself. It’s the people who I give these names that one day I hope to be like.

I have people in my life that make me smile and laugh.

I have wonderful people in my life. Like a quilt of vibrant colors and patterns. The people that have come into my life even if was for the shortest time left an impression on me. In my minds eye I can see my quilt of life and know that it’s the most beautiful thing I will ever see.

Thank you, to the people in my life.. Past, Present and Future.

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