Team Cheryle


very emotional day…

Hello, team… 

Today, I am writing about the events that occurred on May 19, 2013. The night that changed everything for Steve and I. It was the night Steve suffered his brain injury. Several people have asked me, about it and the lasting effects it has made on his health. It is a very emotional and personal post. I am choosing to share a private time in our lives. I have chosen to not share everything that occurred or all details from that night or the months and years following. My readers will be able to understand what happened, and the many things that Steve goes through today. Again, this a very personal story, and it is not just my story, it’s Steve’s story. I know that he will read this and I know that it hurts him deeply to relive the story of his brain injury. What I ask is that you be respectful to his feeling and to mine. When people see him today, they do not fully understand. This will give readers a better understanding of Steve. 

I am working on the post now, and it will be posted later today…. 

Thank you for being a part of my team and apart of our lives.


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