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If its not one thing its another

After being gone for several months recovering from the accident. When I came home I had to battle a slew of critters just to gain access to the house. 
Spiders, Ants, dead lizard….That was just the first day. Then not long after we were home, the resident squirrel who has lived in the big tree in our front yard longer than we have lived here, fell and died in our front yard.
Last night, just at dusk I notice 5 bees’s going into the light fixture on our front porch. Now, Steve is allergic to bee venom, so I spend my night going to get bee killer and spraying every spot I could. I am fearing that they will make a nest under the siding on my house, or get into my walls. 
Tonight, after a day of dental appointments, running around and physical therapy we came home and I made a yummy buffalo chicken dinner. Steve and I are both relaxing, and fall asleep each on our respective perch; Steve in his chair and me on the couch. Now fast forward to about 11:00 pm.  Steve tells me he is going to bed. I said ok, I’ll be in soon.  I then hear a “scream”. I run into the bedroom and find Steve in the bathroom with a broom. I asked him what was wrong and he says “a mouse” I then yell “WHAT? WHERE?” and jump onto our bed, and then see “mickey” run from the bathroom to under our BED!!! I scream again and become a bit hysterical. I can not move. I am frozen. I can’t take anymore. I then run to my front door and stand on the rug looking down, while crying hysterically. 
We ended up having to drive to Glen Burnie to the only 24 hour anything open to buy a ridiculous amount of mouse traps. Glue, snap, old fashion to even a bait trap that I am going to put outside. Steve beat one with a broom. He is my hero! I have given him this job. He has 2 weeks before he goes back to DE for the semester and I can’t handle this… 
I know that it seems silly, and I know that it is more afraid of me. I am not afraid of the mouse, I just do not want it in my house. Happy Birthday to me, I just spend my Birthday money on mouse killer stuff. I even ordered a sonic plug in thing. 
As you know I am a very positive person. but sometimes it’s just too much. I know that in just two weeks I will be the one who will have to deal with this stuff, alone. I consider myself a brave person, I can face many things. I have a very short list of things that I can’t deal with…MICE that are living in my house, uninvited are on that list. 
Growing up we had mice in our house. My brother used to shoot them with his BB gun. They were not in my bedroom. I think I scared Steve just a bit. I did become, a little hysterical for a bit. 
Those that know me, I am very sensitive about my house. We do not have people over. I am not ashamed of where we live or what we have. I have worked very hard to have what I have. When I think about things like ‘Mice’, being in your house. as being “dirty”. I know that we live in the country and it is sorta part of the deal. It just makes me so upset. I look around my house and think… OMG, they could be everywhere They could be under anything…what if they are in my bed? What if they are under my couch? How am I going to feel comfortable? Are they in my office? 
When does it stop? When does life start to settle down for me?


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