Team Cheryle


When the Sun shines..

When you walk out in the morning and you see the first bits of sunlight cresting over the horizon. When you see the light that is slipping through the trees as you walk to your car…smile.

When you are pulling in to your driveway after a long day and see the sun slipping back down below the horizon. When the first signs of night start to settle on your yard…smile.

Smile when you look at your calendar and see its full even before the week has begun. Smile when you see the caller ID on your phone from your best friend. Smile when you hear your children laughing and playing together even if you know it will be just 2 minutes more.
Every day that you wake up, SMILE. Be thankful that you woke up. Hug and kiss your significant other, partner or house mate. You never know when your last day could be today.


We we walk through life expecting things to happen. We expect good things.  The truth is, life does not happen to us, We happen to life. Good, bad, indifferent. The thing to remember is at the end of the day, what did you learn from it? Did a bad thing happen to you, that at the end of the experience turned into a change in your life you did not expect in a positive way? Did you win an award that turned into a curse?


The future feels like a lifetime away, but it comes so fast if you blink you could miss it. Just like a surfer on a wave…ride it til the end and enjoy every second of it!


Major congratulations to someone who does not like the spot light on her. Some one who would rather give than receive, but gives more than she will ever know. A major accomplishment, for hardwork, dedication and a passion for her profession.  “When you look to the skies tonight, know that he is so proud and is always cheering you on”




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