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Planner Madness or Planner Happiness?

Hello Team:
For the past almost 9 weeks I have been updating you on my accident, PT, and things that are going on in my life. One of the things that I have been working on is getting my planners set up for the upcoming year. Those of you that know me well, know that one thing that I love is paper, pens, stickers, and planners. My life is so busy and crazy that If it was not for me keeping organized then I would be lost.
I have had many planners in the past both paper and digital. I still use my ical in my phone to share calendars with my home team, that way everyone is on the same page, but nothing makes me happier than to open my planner book and see my whole month or my whole week.
When it comes to my school life I have to keep track of lectures, rooms, readings, due dates, lab, exams and study group. I make sure that my school planner is separate from my life planner. I can detail everything that I need and have all my needs in one spot. 
Now, I know what your thinking. I must have so many other important things running through my mind I could be working on other than planners? Well, you see doing this and prepping for the fall now, gives me a sense of organization during a very heck tick time in my life and it distracts me from life. I am able to look at the future that is blank and new and dream about how wonderful it’s going to be. 
I was blessed to be given just the planners that I need to keep my life together and organized.    The Plum Paper Designs from Etsy is my planner of choice. I have the student planner and the family planner.
I have not been paid in any way to give this information, review or link to the company. I simply love the product that they offer. The customer service is wonderful. They will work with you to correct any errors right away. The staff that I have spoken with is always so wonderful to deal with. 
  • School planner (Student Planner)
    • to be an organized nursing student you need to have the right tools
    • working full time during + full-time school = must stay organized
    • lecture, clinical, projects, due dates, NCLEX prep, meetings, study groups
  • Everyday planner (Family Planner)
    • work, appointments, reminders, blog
    • LIFE in general

I really like the Plum Paper Designs planners because the paper is thicker so pens do not bleed through. You can use Sharpie pens, regular ball point or gel pens. The cover is made of thicker card stock that you can customize with your name. You can pick from 4 different layouts. You can choose 6 months, 1 years, or 18 months. The planners are completely customizable. You pick what month they start and what add-ons you want. They have everything for the home business owner, party planner, blogger, teacher to home management.

I choose: Reminders, Steve, Busy, and Work

The Family Planner has spots for up to 7 custom labels. You can add the names of your children, spouse, or reminder, work, school… wine time. You get to pick your labels for how your life will be organized.   You can also leave them blank.







I use a combination of stickers and washi tape to organize my classes.

The Student Planner has places to customize 7 blocks for the names of your classes or you can leave them blank. I choose to leave my slots blank so I could use them for different things depending on the month. I am lucky to know how my final term will be laid out, so I am able to prep my planner now. (idle hands…) Originally this planner was to be used for my first year as a new grad and my BSN program. I am simply able to use it for my final, final, FINAL term of school.




Each planner has thick card stock dividers labeled with the month that is printed on both sides of the tab and laminated. This page also gives you a “monthly highlights” with 3 goal areas. plus a spot for Birthdays, things to remember and events. the next page is a  blank page that says notes. You can use it for whatever you want.  I choose to use this “notes” page for inspirational quotes, doodles, and just a little area for fun. I use washi tape and stickers to add color. 





This is my family planner. You can see the Notes page (right page) I use for inspiration, poems. Each month is different.



This is my school planner. You can see the Notes page (right page) I use for inspiration for school. “Study Hard”, You can do this” Some of the notes pages in my planner will hold some well wishes and encouragement from my team.


One of my favorite options to the planner in the  add-on section is the “To-do” list page. You are able to choose to have the pages put within each month or to have a separate section. Thank you to my best friend, I am now a list person. I find I can organize my tasks in a much easier way and checking them off gives me the feeling of accomplishment. I do wish I had opted to have more to-do pages. I picked 10 pages front and back with 4 blocks per side. I will be able to use this list and keep track and check off those lists.
The Plum Paper Designs from Etsy also has memory books, fitness, and meal planners, and notebooks. One of the things that I would like to try in the future is the notebook. I like the size of the book and the feel of the paper. (we will see…)
Currently, I am using a planner that runs out in August. I got it from Staples. I have enjoyed using this planner but it always seemed like it was missing something. I customized some of the sections after purchase to make it more functional for me. I will miss having my pen clip right to the front of my planner. That is one feature that I will miss having when I switch over.  I want to finish out this planner and not waste the last few months before moving on. Also, in doing this I am able to set up my entire year. I am able to prep and plan how I want certain things to look. I can add all the important birthdays, dates of importance and events.
My school planner runs from July – December. I had originally ordered a full year school planner but was shipped a 6-month planner. I contacted the company and they offered to send me out another planner with the January -June 2017 dates, or to refund me the difference. I choose to have the additional planner sent to me. They included 4 sheets of stickers as an extra added bonus! Score for me!!  Now, I am able to have my FINAL term all in one planner and I’ll be able to start my BSN program in a new planner in January.
My life is crazy and heck tick all of the time. I frequently get asked not just “How do I do what I do?” but I get asked “How do I find the time to do everything I need to do? The best answer is simply put: “I have to do it for my families survival, and being organized”
Thank you for reading to days post about my planners.

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