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Friends and Family….I love them!

I think one of the things that I love about my life, is the people in it. I have friends who send me silly pictures, text messages that make me smile, offers of goodies, offers of sympathy, or just a friendly chat.

I have best friends who come to my aid when I am sick, hold my hand when I’m scared, make me laugh just because. 

I have family that checks on me and helps to care for me. They let me cry on them, hold me on bad days and cheer me on during good days.  

I know that when I have dark days or I am having the brightest day, I have amazing people who are at my side. I have some of the greatest friends who hold the lanterns of light that help me along my journey. I have a long way to go on my journey, but I know that I will not be alone. 

3 fingers with smiling faces and words "life is better with friends"

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