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Today is the first day of spring! That means new beginnings, fresh starts and new growth.

I have been reminded that a few times in my life I have been given the opportunities for a fresh start. Some of the opportunities I asked for and some I did not.

When I started nursing school I had a check list:

  1. Earn my degree in 2 years
  2. Take and pass my NCLEX exam
  3. Start working as a new graduate RN
  4. Earn my BSN degree then go on to my MSN.

Let me show you where my plan went wrong.          down cat

  1. Life happens
    1. You can make all the plans you want but you can’t control what happens.
    2. Your health becomes first priority.
    3. Your family who supports you sometimes has to take priority.
  1. Do-overs are O.K. and sometimes necessary.
    1. With all the stress of nursing school it’s understandable that sometimes burning the candle at both ends; you end up burning your fingers.
    2. Sometimes you need to extend your timeline so you can be successful
    3. Just because you’re repeating a course does not mean your going to be a bad nurse.
    4. Some of the best Nurses I know, had to repeat a class or two…
  1. Family and Friends will be waiting…
    1. Nursing school takes all of your time, energy and money
    2. Your support system will be waiting.
    3. You will cry, laugh, and want to quit; but you will make it.

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The one thing that I have learned is that I cannot give up. I just keep pushing myself forward. I have had to delay my nursing degree twice now. It will take me 3 years to complete my nursing degree, but I will do it. I have the dedication and determination needed to complete my goal. 

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