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SAD and Sunshine

I knew that today was going to be a warm 70 degrees. After a few things this morning, I decided to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. I woke up in long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. I decided to put on my shorts and a tee-shirt to enjoy the sun. It was too cold; back in the house, I changed into jean capri pants. Back outside, I go and do some yard clean-up. If you really know me, that is a big deal. I do not do yard things. Nope, bugs, snakes, wildlife, and I do not mix. It’s now hot after about 45 minutes, and it is time for shorts. The first time for the year, when you put short on is something special.

First, I am thrilled my shorts even fit. The winter was not easy, and it is undeniable that I have picked up some weight. Sitting in the sunshine, letting the warm sun touch my skin. I could slowly feel the burn on my arms, legs, and face. After a few hours outside, I actually feel so much better. One of the things that I learned today, light therapy is a thing. I was told to get a therapy light for the seasonal affective disorder before next winter. I was also reminded that I should have reached out and not suffered in silence. So, before next winter, I will have the light specifically for seasonal affective disorder.

I did a little research, this is what I found out: Light therapy mimics outdoor light or sunlight. Apparently, just 20-30 min in the morning will help fight seasonal affective disorder by causing a chemical change in the brain. I am hoping for a better winter season in 2022 than in 2021. I will enjoy my spring and summer, spending as much time outside as possible.

So all those readers out in the world who suffer like me from SAD. Get a therapy light and go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Standing in the SUNSHINE 2022
Look at those pale legs.. Yikes.

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