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April has been full of great happenings…

Hello TEAM!!! Happy April to you all… So far the month has been filled with great and exciting things happing for the Holmes family… Steve turned 40 on the 21st! We had a wonderful celebration over the weekend. We got 1/2 bushel of beautiful blue swimmers, that were steamed to a beautiful red color then […]

How can I care for him, when I can’t care for myself?

I worked on this post a few weeks ago. I did not get a chance to post it. Some of the things I write about are painful. Not only to me but to the ones I love. I have been asked, “How do I what I do?” I do it because I Love him.  As […]

Steve’s Story Part II

Here is the rest of his story…  I have included the entire story that starts on January 28, 2015, that is the end of the other post… The part of the story that is on the other post is in GREEN. The rest of the Story picks up in BLACK I will also remind you that this […]

May 19, 2013… Steve’s Story

Well team, here it is. This is a very long, emotional post. I am sharing Steve’s story, from my point of view. I have left some details out, out of respect to Steve. I have discussed this post with him, and he gave me permission to share his story. This is something that changed our […]