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According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of the word Independence: has two definitions:

Simple Definition: independence

  1. freedom from outside control or support : the state of being independent

  2. the time when a country or region gains political freedom from outside control

Full Definition of independence

  1. 1:  the quality or state of being independent

I have decided to write a letter to Merriam-Webster. I have decided that I want to have something added to both the “simple” and “full” definition. I want to add that it is also a feeling. It’s a feeling that one has when they are able to be fully functioning on your own. You are able to do things on your own, without the need for help.

I know that it’s a feeling because I have lost it. I have lost the feeling I used to get when I could do things on my own. Call that pride, call it what you want. Something as simple as making my own cup of coffee. Making my own lunch, or taking a shower without help.  Over the past 5 weeks, I have gone from someone who was doing things on her own. Dressing, cooking (no jokes. I make some mean microwave popcorn), bathing, driving… I was working, going to school. I had my routine, every day I knew what I needed to do and I did it.

The hardest thing that I had to deal with since the car accident that almost took my life on 1/30/2016 has been losing my independence. I am not a person, who likes to have to rely on others for things. I know when to ask for help and how to accept it.  I just like to be able to do for myself. The girl that hit me on that Saturday morning took that ability away from me.

I just want that feeling back again.

3 pictures of lady standing white scrubs
My Nursing School Scrubs. “My Whites” as I call them

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