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In the days, weeks, and months ahead.

  Often I think about how funny life is. I reflect on the choices I have made in the past. I think about the people who have come and gone from my life. I think about the people who have come and gone from my heart. I think back to the days when life was […]

What I should be doing…

Something happened today that I feel I need to talk about. Each morning when I wake up I check my calendar (you know how much I love my calendar and planning) written on today’s date written in “purple” pen was the following: Last Day of Clinical at AAMC Last Day in WHITE Final exam Monday! […]

2017 A chance to start over…

Hello, Team… Good Bye 2016!! Well, I am not sure what I even have to say about 2016 other than, Good Bye! I sit here and think about one year ago and the dreams and goals I had set for myself.  I think about how hard I worked to accomplish my goals I had set […]

The 5 exam points that failed my family…

As I sit here waiting….I think about the 5 exam points that failed my family. I have been told, God closed this door because it not the path I am suppose to take. I have been told, to refocus on what I really want to do. I have even been told that, well this means […]

The hard truth…

Hello  Team, On this early morning, I find myself looking into the hourglass of time.  Old age is what it is that I speak. If you are lucky enough to live into your 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s you should count yourself lucky right? We move through life with an expiration date that is on […]

New beginings

Sometimes in life you need to figure out how to begin again. As a child you wish nothing more than to grow up as fast as you can. As a teenager you wish nothing more than to want to be an adult. When you are an adult you wish nothing more than to want to […]

Why did you go?

Why did you leave us? Why did you go? It’s been too many years since you decided without anyone’s permission to leave. That was the way you lived life, so I can see it. You lived life on your terms, so when it was time for you to go, you left on your terms. Life […]

What you really learn in Nursing School

  I am not done fighting. I until the last points are handed out… My journey has been filled with delays, roadblocks, success and tears. I have wanted to give up so many times. It was the love, support and encouragement from all of you who are on my team that has kept me going… […]

Being happy is a good thing…. :)

Hello Team!!!   Thank You Veterans!!! Your service means a lot to me!! I appreciate the sacrifice you and your family made to help keep our country a little safer!! To those who have served and to those who choose to serve in the future.     Thank you! I believe that serving your country […]

Monster within…

To say that this term has been a struggle, is an understatement. Well, for me to say that would not be 100% fair.  I have been lucky enough to join an amazing group of future nurses. I was welcomed with complete open arms and hearts. I could not ask for a better group of graduates […]

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!! If you have never meet Dorothy Gayle or you miss her…. you never know when or where she will pop up!!! Have a safe and fun night!!

The time is now..

Hi, team!! It’s been a long 8 weeks or so… We are about half way through the term… I have lots of news to share… but you are going to have to wait for another few days… sorry… I have been struggling, this semester more than ever that is not a secret. The offers of […]

13 more weeks to go

Hello Team!! I am taking a quick second to let everyone know whats been going on… Last week we started the new term. My final term, I will add. I was welcomed to my new nursing class with open arms. I am the quiet person in class at this point. They will find out soon… […]

Bitter sweet…

        In a few short hours I will awake, pack my lunch, pack my bag. I will double and triple check my planner, I will make sure that I am bright eyed and awake. My day will start with pre-school breakfast celebration with a brand new nursing student. I will be entering […]

Finding the right words…

I find myself looking for the right words to say today… I find myself searching my inner soul, reading the fine print of text that runs through my being like a never ending novel. Looking for the words that will make it better. Looking for the words that will ease the pain and the hurt. […]


If you were to ask me, what do I cherish the most? I would tell you sleep. Sleep is the one thing that my body craves. Sleep is the high school crush that you just never seem to get the courage to talk to. Sleep is the most wonderful yet scary thing. the one thing […]

The final leg of my journey.

I have given all that I can give. I have accepted the truth of my situation. I have accepted the new way my body moves, feels, sounds. I have accepted the path that I am now on. I have accepted the view from my window. I move forward with a smile on my face. I […]

what would you say?

I am loved….some may say ‘spoiled’… Some may say other things…. I say that I am loved. I work hard for the little that I have. I appreciate all that is given to me. I count each blessing that is blessed upon me. We each walk a path that leads us on our adventure of […]

When you want to give up…

I have been having days that I just feel like the world is closing in on me. I have days that I feel like the darkness is like a never ending down pour of endless blackness. Yet, I still move forward. I smile, even when I don’t want too.  I still think of others even […]